My creative nurturing began at home amidst vibrant artistic characters that I referred to as mama, aunt, nunna, uncle, pa – generations of creative forces, musicians & visual artists who favored stretching over status quo, lending to a uniquely interesting childhood as a side effect. We were encouraged to be expressive, curious, individual and voiced. 

It was this family manner that fed my hunger as an actor and led me to New York with a one-way ticket in hand the day after slipping my final paper under my professor’s door…in the wee morning hours…having slept two days in the university’s library.

In the time spent making this city my home, I have cultivated my craft studying under William Esper & Maggie Flanigan, collaborated with many writers & directors on new works, co-wrote and produced my first short film, created my Pilates business, continued to serve as a representative for a United Nations NGO, and became a wife & a an expressive, curious, individual and voiced toddler.   

I am fascinated by what lies in the cracks and gravitate towards the innovative thinkers.  Let’s go dance to the bum notes of a muted trumpet and see what we can bring to life.